From the Archive: Commute Another Way

Sometimes it’s helpful, when you’re trying to see where you’re going, to look back into the past. Sometimes, it’s just fun.

There have been some changes here at Life’s Fast. We’re diving into scripting short films (and maybe some feature-length films, in the future.) While this seems like a departure for me from documentary-style filmmaking, it’s actually taking me back full-circle.

My first video was inspired by the “Commute Another Way Week” challenge to inspire alternative ways of getting to work. If you’re already a cycle / pedestrian commuter, there’s really only one truly alternative way to go.

Of course, I didn’t walk backwards all week. I did make a fictional account of my backwards walking experience.

And, if I can ignore the voice of my inner-editor, the video still makes me smile. It was fun to make, and it’s still pretty amusing to people when they see it.

Commute Another Way

My first finished video.  Feel free to laugh out loud.  Enjoy!

I shot this video as a response to being a bicycle commuter and everyone asking me whether I was going to drive my car for “Commute Another Way” week.  I considered it, sure, but in the end, it didn’t seem interesting enough.  Instead, I took “Commute Another Way” in a whole new direction.