The New Look of Adventure Sports Films?

Sweetgrass Productions’ Valhalla marries narrative filmmaking to powder-shredding.

Weaving narrative into extreme sport films is a move that I’ve been expecting for a while, as viewers like myself, begin to lose interest in seeing skiers and mountain bikers simply huck themselves off of every lip in sight.

“By far our most impressive film to date, detonating the boundaries of the action sports genre, and filled with harder hitting ski and snowboard action and more soulful story than’s ever been packed into 60 minutes.” –Dana Richardson, Sweetgrass Productions

Whether the story that provides the backbone of this film is fiction, non-fiction, or a mix of both doesn’t really matter to me. What’s important is whether the narrative they chose  feels more full than the driving guitar chords that usually link back-flips, and sick powder lines. If it does, this film will be a game-changer.

The film maybe dropping by your neighborhood. If so, it might be worth seeing on the big screen. If you happen to be in Denver on Sept. 13th, check out the Premiere (and party down with Sweetgrass afterward.)

YouTube’s Sundance Screening Room

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL has begun, and if you’re like most of us, you’re not there.

Kat Candler's "Black Metal"

Kat Candler’s “Black Metal”

There is a way to see some of the short films premiering, however. YouTube has licensed a selection of the short films to be screened on YouTube’s Sundance Screening Room.

Plug your computer into your TV, dim the lights, and see a little of what you’re missing.